The re-design of the 3D Group site required a lot of problem solving. The aim was to update the look and feel of the website without alienating current customers.
As this is for a B2B application, there’s a lot of information to convey to customers, as well as marketing material.
From our customer research we found that a lot of users thought it was important to quickly be able to shop via category selection, without having to go through the large drop-down menus.
Removing the background hatching and gradients, it gave a much more modern feel. We fully re-designed all the navigation menus, for better usability and kept the quick search ‘find it fast’.
Another main focus was on the product filters during searching. The old filters would often extend beyond the products on display, making it time consuming to use. We completely redesigned these, making it much more intuitive and not assaulting the user with too much information.

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